Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Here is an idea I had for you to put on your front door on game nights. This is a sign I did for my cousin Randi Jo, who just recently made the high school drillteam. We are so excited for her! Let me know if you'd like one for your son or daughter to support you local school. I can do any extracurricular activity: football, baseball, cheerleading, dance teams, swim team, soccer, basketball, band, golf, volleyball, etc... or just do the team logo, such as a Panther Paw or Hornet.

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  1. Lindsay, post your blog on the Gamma Nu blog list on Facebook. We're trying to build it up so as many of you with "businesses" can get some extra coverage. I love your designs. I told your mom that I have the cutest idea to share with you sometime. It's a Christmas cutie, but I really think it could be adapted to most any holiday. It uses the kids' footprints.