Saturday, May 21, 2011

Patrick Ross

This baby boy's dad is in the Military. They wanted to do an ocean theme because they are originally from Florida. The mom got this idea from Pottery Barn Kids and is going to hang each of the signs above his bed by an old orr or fishing rod - I love this idea!

We added details to each canvas to make them more personal. We put his name, birth place (since all 3 of their kids have been done in a different state), horoscope, and his birth stats will be added to the crab when he arrives. There are 3 12x12 and 1 11x14 flatboards.


  1. Lindsey-I love this and want to do something similar for baby's room! What was price of total project? -Amy Morris

  2. Hey Amy! I just saw this comment! I'd love to do something for you! These are all flatboards and are $20 each, so $80 for the set of 4.